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Wednesday, March 9, 2022

By Dave Fields:

Items By The Gallon
That Cost More Than a Gallon of Gas

Gas prices continue to rise across the country which is not great but if you compare the cost of a gallon of gas to some other items it might make you feel better.

Take a look at what a gallon of some other well-known items costs. From liquid detergent to a favorite beer, a gallon of some of your favorite items soars past the cost of a gallon of gas.

1. Tide Detergent  - A gallon of Tide costs around $19.20 per gallon.

2. Guinness - A Gallon of Guinness (beer/ale) costs around $64.00. 

3. Honey - A Gallon of honey costs around $41.00.

4. Dom Perignon Champaign-A Gallon of Dom Perignon costs around $755.20.

5. Nail Polish - A Gallon Of Nail Polish costs around $1,025 dollars. 

6. Orange Juice - A gallon of OJ costs around $7.68. 

7. Starbucks - A gallon of Starbucks Lattes costs around $32.00.

8. Milk - A gallon of milk costs around $6.04.

9. Red Bull - A gallon of Red Bull costs around $28.16.

10. Coca-Cola - A Gallon of Coca-Cola costs around $3.84.

11. Clorox - A gallon of Clorox costs around $2.56.

The good news is that most vehicles run on gas and not nail polish or Red Bull. If that was the case most of us would be walking or riding a bike to get around.

High Gas Prices Might Be Good For New York

Gas prices continue to rise to unprecedented levels across the country, and while most people are right to think that is a very bad thing, there could be some good news when it comes to higher gas prices. 

1. Local Businesses Could Benefit - As gas prices continue to rise, people are not going to want to drive around all over to get what they want or need. This could help local businesses in the areas where people live. Instead of that trip 15 minutes away to the big box store, people might opt to shop at the local store that is within walking distance or just a 5-minute trip. These local businesses might get customers they wouldn't have gotten before. 

More Time With Family and Friends - Instead of driving places or spending the weekend on a road trip, higher gas prices keep people at home and in their own neighborhood. That means more time to spend with family and friends. Not wanting to drive all over town might cause some people to stay home and hang more with their core group of family and friends. 

Alternative Ways To Get Around - Necessity is always a great source of invention. Higher gas prices could push engineers to come up with more and better alternatives to gas-powered machines. More electric cars and motors, bikes that are better, better designed of shoes. The sky is the limit to ingenuity when people are forced to face a problem head-on. 

More People Will Be Able To Work From Home - We learned that during the pandemic most people could do their job at home. After mandates and positive cases have dropped, more people had to return to the office, even if they didn't want to. Now they can use the cost of gas as a valid reason to continue to work from home.

People Can Get Healthier - Not wanting to drive and waste gas, more people might be in the mood to walk to ride a bike to get around. The additional exercise will keep people healthier and might also help create healthy habits. 

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