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Thursday, March 31, 2022

What a Degree or Two, or Even 10, or 20 for That Matter:
What's the temperature at Silver Lake?
50? 59? 69? --? Depends who you ask!

My cell phone says that at 5:35 pm Thursday, the temperature is 59 at Silver Lake, NY.

My Google Search says that at 5:35 pm Thursday, the temperature is 50 at Silver Lake, NY.

Our usually and exceptionally good weather station here at Silver Lake has told us for many days now, day and night, the temperature is "--". 

In other words, although the forecast portion of the weather station has continued to function properly, the electronics that give us our air temperature in the Silver Lake basin has been out of commission, again, for days (or is a week already?). 

The forecast for today at Silver Lake NY included a high temperature of 69. Wouldn't that have been nice to verify? Don't get us wrong ... we appreciate the Silver Lake Marine and its weather station, but the station's upkeep and repair leave much to be desired.

-- ... 50 ... 59 ...69! That's quite a span. Anyone have a guess as to which might be closest for 5:35 pm today?

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