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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Tuesday 8 February 2022:
News Briefs

SILVER LAKE WEATHER -- The Silver Lake Weather Station located at Silver Lake Marine is back online and we thank those who responded so quickly. The Silver Lake temperature was 25.2 degrees at 7:58 am. High today will hold at about 27 degrees with a chance for snow showers. A forecast Low of 15 degrees tonight with a partly cloudy sky. There are very fine snow flurries already in parts of WNY including an occasional flurry in the Silver Lake area.

TOMORROW'S (WED. 2/9) ASBURY take-out special is the second to the last one as Asbury's regular schedule begins to fill in their time. It is a delicious choice between Traditional Lasagna or Veggie Lasagna. Have you called in yet? For details, see the Prime Notes section just below the SLDN masthead (top of this page, above).

FORMER GOVERNOR Andrew Cuomo appears to be doing his traditional political dance in preparation for a return to professional public life as early as the 2022 election cycle. It appears he may be eyeing a return to the AG's office in a run against the current AG, Letitia James since being cleared of any criminal wrong doing in the arena of sexual harassment.

DOCTORS WARN against an easing of the face mask mandates for NY State businesses for fear of a Covid-19 response which could send cases escalating. This happening as Gov. Hochul plans her Wednesday News Conference announcing plans to ease the restrictions on mandated masks and/or vaccines.

POLICE ALLEGE a New York funeral director is on the run. Authorities say they found three decomposing bodies, many open containers of remains and more at the funeral home. Police believe he could be anywhere in the state. The Johnstown Police Department (N.Y.) is looking for Brian M. Barnett and the Department can be reached at (518) 736-4021. Fax: (518) 762-7868(From the Hudson Valley Post)

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