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Saturday, February 12, 2022

Perry Police Purchase Tesla Electric Patrol Car:
Perry Police get stealthier and greener

Perry Police Department just got a lot quieter.... And greener.

The department now has upstate New York’s first Tesla patrol car, a fully-electric model that won over Chief Michael Grover.

“I was a little on the fence about it until I got in it,” he said. “It’s a great car. We did research on electric cars and found this one to be the most reliable.”

The car cost about $55,000, with a $7,500 government rebate. It recently was fully equipped and put on the road. Grover said it is on duty 12 hours and then charges overnight until the next shift. It gets about 300 miles per charge, more than enough for patrol officers who usually put no more than 125 miles a day on a car.

Grover said he hopes to replace the other three cars in the fleet, Ford Tauruses, eventually.

“We’re trying to do our part to reduce the carbon footprint,” he said. “Eventually I’d like to have an all-electric fleet.” That would make his officers happy, as they all have been wanting to drive the new Tesla, Grover said.

Tesla has been used as a patrol car since 2016 in Los Angeles and has quickly been in more demand across the nation. New York City is planning to buy 250 Tesla squad cars within the next five years.

Rosendale Police Department in Ulster County is believed to have the first Tesla in the state, having gotten one in July 2021.

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