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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Caledonia murder victim killed after day-long argument; suspect enters not guilty plea in Geneseo

A Town of Caledonia man has been jailed after he allegedly shot his roommate to death following a day-long argument. Livingston County sheriff’s deputies were dispatched about 3:37 p.m. Sunday to a residence on Alpine Lane in the Caledonia Mobile Home Park. The caller allegedly said he had shot his roommate and that his roommate was deceased.

“The motive we are still working on, but I can tell you the deceased was the owner of the trailer, the suspect was residing there and it sounds like the relationship between landlord and tenant was a bit tumultuous,” said Sheriff Thomas J. Dougherty during a Monday news conference in Geneseo.

Deputies arrived on-scene and found a male in the trailer’s living room. The victim had allegedly been shot multiple times and was described as obviously dead. They also found the caller, 56-year-old Steven J. Adams. The victim was identified as Dale S. Ryerse, 64, who also lived at the residence. Deputies said Adams was cooperative.

“He called 911, several deputy sheriffs were on scene within minutes, he ultimately was met at the door, he cooperated,” Dougherty said. “There was no struggle or standoff. It was peaceful.” Investigators said the two men had been arguing all day.

“We can confirm that there was a relationship between the two that was building in a very negative way,” Dougherty said. Deputies would not say how many times Ryerse was shot but did say this not the first time officers have responded to the home.

“We have been called to the residence prior on Alpine Lane, but nothing I believe of any kind of violence, nothing of the two parties having issues,” Dougherty said.

Adams was charged Monday with second-degree murder and felony tampering with physical evidence. He was taken to Livingston County Jail for processing and pre-arraignment detention. The District Attorney’s Office was contacted regarding bail due to the felony level charges. It was recommended that Adams be committed without bail.

Adams pleaded not guilty and was remanded to Livingston County Jail without bail. He is scheduled to return to Livingston County Court on Friday. Sheriff’s investigators located and secured weapons believed to be involved. Dougherty said investigators were still working to determine whether Adams made the 911 call at the time of shooting, or later. He expected investigators to remain at the scene into Monday evening.

“We have one person alive that’s telling a story, and we have one person that can’t tell their story,” Dougherty said. “Really what you’re taking is the evidence on scene and letting it tell a story, and taking the story of the person alive and seeing if it matches.” The investigation is continuing.

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