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Sunday, January 23, 2022

AFC Divisional Game & Title of AFC Champs:
Bills' Josh Allen and the Offense: Spectacular, Lose to Kansas City Chiefs in 'hot' 4th Quarter-Overtime

"Both Teams won ... all time great playoff game of any generation and will be talked about for years" said analysis announcer Tom Martin. "One of the best games I've ever seen" said one questioner at the post game news conference. 

The Bills may have left the KC stadium with their head down, but they have every reason to hold their heads high with the quality and excitement of their team plays tonight. The Bills Defense was weak and left unnecessary yardage 'go to the Chiefs' but, nevertheless, they are part of this championship team and contributed to its several 'wins' including overtime.

The Bills in a powerful overtime game were said to have 'won' several times during the fourth quarter--remember the overtime game ended on the very first goal which did not give Josh Allen even a minute in the overtime game. Others said the Bills lost simply by the chance of the coin toss going to Kansas City.

"They made one more play than we did, that's what it comes down to it. It hurts but we have to find a way for next year," said 25 year old Bills' Quarterback Josh Allen at the Post-Game News Conference.

"As long as they have number 17 on the field, they have the possibility of winning against anybody at any time," said post play analyst and Channel 4's current Sports Director, Josh Reed, who played on the Bills Team 20 years ago.

The scoring breakdown:

First Quarter: ....Bills 07 / KC 07 / Time Remaining: 2:26
First Quarter: ... Bills 07 / KC 07 / Time Remaining: 0:00
Second Quarter: Bills 07 / KC 07 / Time Remaining: 2:00
Second Quarter: Bills 07 / KC 14 / Time Remaining: 1:27
Second Quarter: Bills 14 / KC 14 / Time Remaining: 0:37
Second Quarter: Bills 14 / KC 14 / Time Remaining: 0:00
Third Quarter: ...Bills 14 / KC 17 / Time Remaining: 07:01
Third Quarter: ...Bills 14 / KC 23 / Time Remaining: 00:06
Third Quarter: ...Bills 21 / KC 26 / Time Remaining: 08:59
Fourth Quarter: .Bills 27 / KC 26 / Time Remaining: 01:52 
Fourth Quarter: .Bills 29 / KC 26 / Time Remaining: 01:54 
Fourth Quarter: .Bills 36 / KC 36 / Time Remaining: 00:03
Quarter Final:   .. Bills 36 / KC 36 / Time Remaining: 00:00
OVERTIME: .....Bills 36 / KC 42 / Time Remaining: 00:00
GAME .FINAL: Bills 36 / KC 42 / Time Remaining: 00.00

Story and Statistical Record by G.A. Franklin

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