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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Livingston County Gusts Forecast to be 40 mph:
Regarding Thursday's Wind Advisory

No advisory has been issued for Livingston County, where the forecast calls for breezy conditions with gusts up to 40 mph on Thursday night. Meteorologist Kirk Apffel said that the threshold for issuing a wind advisory is gusts up to 50 mph such as has been forecast for Wyoming County Thursday.

Silver Lake and Perry, NY, are located relatively close to the Livingston County border, we have been persuaded from past experience that the Silver Lake weather conditions, or the results of those conditions, are often seen by residents to be more compatable with forecasts prepared for Livingston County by the National Weather Service (NWS).

In this case, with Livingston County being excluded from this weekend's Wind Advisory we suspect that conditions may be milder than forecast by NWS for Wyoming County and/or at least the Silver Lake basin. Since the weather itself knows nothing of county lines, the borders are used by NWS more for the benefit of those unfamiliar with detailed meteorological terms for global locations.

Although there are many examples of this weather phenomena, the latest one was last weekend's Wind Storm which was significant in many WNY areas but not as significant in Wyoming County which was added to a later listing of affected counties and did not appear in the original advisory.

Silver Lake, a short drive to the Livingston County line, experienced only minor branches and debris but no large limbs were downed and there were no power failures reported in the Silver Lake Institute. No other areas from around the Lake have reported to us of large limbs or power failures. We urge anyone with differing information about damage or power failures in the Silver Lake Basin, to contact our editor at www.gfranklin.silverlake@gmail.com or cell phone at (716) 346-3567.

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