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Monday, December 6, 2021

Monday's High of 47 Was Hit Overnight:
Temp at 8 am was 43.5°; Forecasts Range from 'No Snow' to 'Whiteouts';
'Watch' now Advisory, Now to 10 pm
Live Cam Courtesy of Silver Lake Marine

More often than not, there are differences in daily weather forecats and today is no exception. If anything, today is much more pronounced. Weekend forecasters were desperately trying to lay out a clear pattern of weather for Monday and the Bills game in Orchard Park over the Patriots. 

A quick survey of weather forecasts clearly makes Monday a "wait and see" type of day. One forecaster actually wrote "No Chance of Snow;" another said "Possible Whiteouts during the game." One can either relax and respond to whatever comes our way, or if you truly must know what is happening minute to minute, you will have to keep one eye and ear glued to your favorite forecaster most of the day and the other eye and ear on the sky because that's how changeable (unpredictable?) it appears to be. 

Three major factors account for this nearly unpredictable situation. The open and relatively warm Lake Erie is a big factor, as will be the temperatures when and if they begin to fall. And of course the last major factor being winds, which have not really begun yet. Each have their role in how today "plays out."

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