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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Monday's 'Storms' Officially Produced 1-inch of Lake Effect, Blown Flurries to Start Off Silver Lake's Winter 21-22

It's a breezy day today, but nothing like the winds and gusts of Monday. The cloud cover remains thick and gray and there are occasional flurries that dot the air every so often. It's 25° at 3:28 pm but it feels more like 18°. 

The humidity stands at 83% and its rather hard to imagine at this point that the temperature on Saturday is forecast to reach 57°. A 70% chance of snow showers remains in the forecast for today but that drops off to a 40% chance for tomorrow.
Posted: 3:35 pm Tuesday.


Cold with Snow Showers Tues.-Wed.;
Cold Thurs.-Fri.; Saturday's High 57°
Wind will continuue through the early morning hours of Tuesday (midnight through 6 am) but will end by dawn. It is already calm in several WNY areas now at 12:34 am.

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