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Monday, December 13, 2021

Body in Car Previously Removed:
Car plunges over Niagara Falls following damaging wind storm

New York State Parks Police say the car stuck in the upper Niagara River has finally plunged over Niagara Falls. This news comes only four days after the car got stuck in the water.

It's unclear at this time exactly when the car was dislodged from the upper Niagara River and fell over the falls. However, this news comes only hours after damaging winds blasted through Western New York. Thousands are still without power as a result of Saturday's storm.

State Park Police said earlier this week that it appears a woman in her 60s from the area intentionally drove the car into the water. Witnesses reported seeing the car floating down the Niagara River shortly before noon Wednesday before it became hung up on rocks just some 50 yards shy of the brink of Niagara Falls.

On Thursday the car moved within 30 yards of the brink and flipped over. State Parks Police and other agencies were working together to determine the safest way to remove the vehicle from the water.

"We've never had a vehicle in the water this close to the brink," State Park Police Captain Christopher Rola said on Wednesday. Rola said if the car went over the falls that it would likely smash into a boulder and be crushed.

The following video is a Channel 2 News, Buffalo NY verbal and video report on both the removal of the woman from the car by the Coast Guard and the few details available about the car being loosened by the wind storm and crashing over the falls. It is unknown exactly when the car plunged over the falls. Channel 2 News staff was also our source for the written article.

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