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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Philippines: Everyone has to Pay to Get In and Pay as You Go:
Help Gabriel get into the Hospital for Covid-19 Treatment plus Oxygen
Father, shown above and labeled as "me" with his son also above and labeled as "son" as they receive another of their required and expensive Covid Short-Stick Swab tests in order to move around on public streets.

Link (go to:): Fundraiser created 7 hrs ago--Now Working.

Why Sebastian and his son Gabriel? Because they've helped so many that now it's their turn to receive help and healing. Each time a Covid Swab test is required of them, it costs 15,800 pesos which is $327.02 in American dollars. Sebastian is almost recovered from Covid; Gabriel tested positive at his last test and is struggling to breath.

Click on LINK to read the story and have the opportunity to help.

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