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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Could Last 1 Hour or 3 Days or More:
Google announces more upgrades on the way for Blogger; Be prepared for outages at unexpected times as before

Google lays claim to responding to their customers needs and wishes. We have been customers of Google since 2010 and no one has ever asked us. We, on the other hand, have told them our needs and preferences with no response. Their announcement also contained information regarding their notifications to customers about what is upgrading (changing) and what is not. These notices were supposed to arrive by email but to date there have been none.

If it weren't for the general public announcements, even we would not know what's coming nor why, nor when. We say "be prepared" because these actions have brought havoc to our publishing in the last two upgrades. We will do our best to bring each issue out regularly, but to date, we have found no way around of their actions which, although not meant to disrupt, always have for us. When might this start ... waiting to hear ... but don't expect to hear ... just to experience it at the least convenient of times. Thanks for your patience!

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