Tuesday, October 5, 2021

SilverLakeDailyNewsletter.com Plans Publication throughout the 2021-22 Off-Season and the '22 Open Summer
Publisher Greg Franklin has accepted an invitation from his youngest daughter, Bethany, to spend the extended Winter with her and her son, Kyle. They live in a lovely little area in southern Lockport in Niagara County. Bethany has a job that permits her to work from home and receives most purchased items by home delivery. She plans to take her father to each of the year-round family events for which he is grateful.

Greg will keep busy as he continues to publish the SLDNewsletter and writing some family history--both of which can be accomplished through the internet and PC including some live photos and stories taken by eager year-round SLI residents who remain over the off-season. Anyone with a camera or cell phone camera is welcome to take photos around Silver Lake or Perry and send them to me by email. News and family stories or events will also continue to be received and published. 

Beginning next Monday, Oct. 11, 2021, items can be sent to gfranklin.silverlake@gmail.com. Greg can also be reached by cell phone: (716) 346 3567, also as of Monday.

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