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Sunday, October 24, 2021

SLI water rates per thousand increase from $8 to $8.50; Ops./Maint. from $60 to $70
Castile Town Board after closing an October 14 budget hearing at which no resident appeared with questions voted to adopt a $2,295,003 spending plan for 2022. It does not exceed the state-mandated two percent cap. Supervisor Stan Klein said Castile is a well-financed municipality, not needing to borrow money for equipment. Appropriations will be offset by an estimated $901,641 in revenues and $147,412 in unexpended funds. That leaves a tax levy of $1,279,908.

The 2022 budget maintains two-percent raises for employees and includes a ten-wheel snow plow and $7,500 for ambulance services provided by Town of Perry. Perry's Supervisor Jim Brick had appeared before Castile's Board to request support since a portion of the calls received are to Castile properties within Perry's Village/Town borders.

Tax rates for residences within the Village of Castile will be $1.85 per thousand assessed value and $3.30 per thousand assessed value for properties town wide. Special district tax rates are 32-cents per thousand for fire; 34 cents per thousand for properties in Silver Lake Lighting District; $761.75/sewer unitSilver Lake Sewer District rates will be $195.78/unit.

After closing a second hearing on proposed new water rates, they were adopted. Base rates in Silver Lake Institute Water District will increase from $8 to $8.50 per thousand gallons and from $60 to $70 for operation/maintenance. This is in response to planned cost hikes from supplier Village of Perry. Bennion, Transit and Kennedy roads were declared as seasonal with no maintenance services from Nov. 1 through May 1.

Property sales from August 24 through September 21 were reported by Assessor Tina McQuillen and included: Thomas and Cynthia Adams of 6960 (11) Wesley Ave., Silver Lake Institute (ID#100.17-3-24) sold to Karina Shumanski for $82,500, with an assessment of $42,000.
Lorraine Sturm, Publisher, Perry Herald, reporting
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