Friday, October 29, 2021

SGT Blake: "Perry is super community oriented”:
Perry Police promote new sergeant
In recognition of his hard work and dedication to the community, Blake Russell has been promoted to the rank of sergeant at the Perry Police Department.

Russell began his new role Friday, Oct. 1, after serving as a patrolman since September 2015. He started his law enforcement career in 2013 with the Arcade Police Department after graduating from Genesee Community College’s Rural Police Training Academy post college.

Russell said that in becoming a police officer, he always knew that he wanted to help people.

“In college I did a job shadow with the Arcade Police Department, and it was during that time that they pretty much recruited me into it. They told me I should try for it and give it a shot,” Russell said.

Adding the sergeant stripes to his uniform, his new role is not a major deviation from his previous duties with the department.

“I’ve been the senior officer now for two or three years, so my duties haven’t changed too much,” Russell said. “I’ll be approving reports and a little bit more work in the office, but I hope to stay on the road.”

In general, Russell says his favorite part about being a police officer is the community interaction.

“I like dealing with people every day and getting to talk to new people,” he said. “I never know what each shift is going to bring.”

Russell says that it is rewarding being able to help community members, especially during medical and non-law-related calls. He also enjoys being in a very community-oriented area.

“TheEverything about Perry is super community oriented.”y do a ton of events here, whether it’s the Holiday DeLights festival for Christmas, or on Halloween the fire department serves donuts and cider.

Along with being sergeant, Russell holds certifications that allow him to instruct police academy students and other police officers regarding general topics. He is a field training officer and is certified to install car seats. Russell is also a part-time deputy with the Wyoming County Sheriff’s Office.

Perry Police Chief Mike Grover said that Russell has earned a well-deserved promotion and that he will do a great job in the new position.

“Officer Russell has been a valuable asset to our police department and the village residents,” Grover said. “He’s a hard worker, very fair, and he has the village’s best interests in mind all the time.”
Natalie Spink reporting

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