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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

This Saturday, 10 am in Epworth Hall:
The SLI Trustees to vote on whether
to replace the Epworth roof this Fall
or continue to wait for the NYS grant

The SLI Trustees would like cottage owners to be present at their Saturday meeting, Sept. 11th, to hear the proposal to spend $150,000 to replace the Epworth roof before internal damage from leaks begins again. The $150,000 is the latest price increase since the Trustees requested the first price several years before the delays of the pandemic.

Although the construction costs have increased, NYS has not increased the proposed grant of $100,000. Letters from the State agency in charge use positive language when communicating about the grant but has yet to give a hint about when the release of the state funds might take place.

Come to hear the details from the Trustees about their current concerns, the options available, and ask any question you may have. Opinions are also welcome.

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