Tuesday, September 7, 2021

2021 Season Closed at Midnight Labor Day:
Parking Restrictions on Ames Walkway are now lifted until next July 1, 2022

During the summer, Ames Walkway reverts back to its original intention of being a walkway for persons walking between Epworth Hall or Asbury Retreat Center and the Burt Park.

The Park serves as a hub for getting to the post office, Stoody Hall, Hoag Gallery and the Blue Dock. Ames Walkway helps folks avoid the two lanes of two curves on Perry Ave. without the assist of sidewalks. Next season is our biennial Silver Lake Experience and the Walkway is well loved by many of our visitors during that first week in August.

During July and August, there is no parking on Ames Walkway and no powered-wheeled vehicles permitted with one exception. If a resident does not have enough property to park a car on their property, they are permitted 15 minutes of "load" and "unload" time. Only one resident has asked for this exception when they attended two regular Board meetings.

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