Saturday, September 4, 2021

Creators of  'Genesee Rising' Band Performed First Post-Covid-19-Vax
Concert in over Two Years Tonight
at the Historic Epworth Hall on SLI
"Tonight was our end of season concert with Genesee Rising. Everyone had a wonderful time, but a bit sad to see the season coming to an end. See you all next year," wrote Program Chair Julia Hoffner who also took the above photo.
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Elijah and Quentin, pictured above, have known each other since grade school and are the original members of Genesee Rising, along with four others who have been on hiatus during the pandemic. These two did themselves proud tonight!

More photos ...
Coming down off the stage, they sing their closing number from the main floor, singing several verses of Hallelujah which was very well received.

Singing from the main floor, down from the stage.
Smiling at his life long friend for a job
well done, Elijah is pleased with their


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