Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Annual SLI Appreciation Dinner Set for Thursday, August 26, 6 pm

....After missing last year's banquet because of the early stages of the Covid-19, many months before the availability of vaccines, and a program schedule reduced down to near nothing, active residents of the Silver Lake Institute are more than ready to enjoy a celebration gathering with neighbors and friends of like mindedness in the purposes, beauty, and service of the Lake community.
...."This Appreciation Dinner is our way of saying 'Thank You' for contributing to this special place -- the Silver Lake Institute," announced Trustee Representative, Glynne Schultz, who heads up the Dinner Arrangements. The dinner is by invitation only because of limited space, but easily covers all persons active in one or more of the Institute's programs or leadership positions.
....Active residents have submitted their nominations for Silent Hero Award and the recognitions will be awarded on August 26th, the night of the dinner and prior to the closing hour of 8 pm. This year is particularly exciting since new residents, returning residents, and full time residents have become active in the Trustees, the Program Committee, and the Communications Committee. Come meet them at a Saturday Cafe or Trustee monthly meeting.

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