Sunday, August 1, 2021

Lake-wide 'Celebration of Lives Lived' Memorial Service Goes Well Under New Leadership, Return from Covid19

This morning's Annual Memorial Service for the Lake Communities drew high praise from all in attendance for both its beautiful staging and exceptional presentation in spite of the one-year hiatus caused by the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic and the unexpected changes in Memorial Service leadership brought about by the passing of Ray Maddison April 28, 2021, and the debilitating health of Retired SLI Chaplain, the Rev. Greg Franklin, who also spoke of the excellence and beauty of today's service for the community.

This year's Service was liturgically and sermonically planned and officiated by the Rev. Larry Beman who picked up the torch for Rev. Franklin. The statistician and presenter for those being memorialized was conducted by Suzanne Bristow who picked up the torch for Joan Maddison, wife of the late Ray Maddison.

Presenter of the family gifts of LED candles and flowers were distributed by Kathy Schaefer during the reading of the Bio's. From the balcony, the Rev. Don Weaver rang the Shulmerich hand bell on loan from First United Methodist Church of Perry as each name was read.

Bill Schaefer kept things running smoothly by handling the Sunday morning logistics, and assisting and welcoming the arriving families and guests. Julia Hoffner was at the Epworth Hall keyboard, continuing her run of service for the 52nd year.

The following loved ones were memorialized by their Lake Community, family and friends: Loved Ones are listed with the date of their passing:

George Dovolos
 - October 15, 2018
Edward Niedzialek - July 4, 2019
Betsy Inlow - July 10, 2019
Rev Joanne Vineyard - August 8, 2019
Betty Croop - August 30, 2019
Steven M. Rice - October 19, 2019
Matthew Rice - July 11, 2020
Dennis G. Bzduch - January 4, 2020
Mark Croce - January 20, 2020
James N. Morey - April 5, 2020
William R. Kuder - May 21, 2020
David Van Loan - May 30. 2020
Muriel Small August 12, 2020
Clarence Clark - September 25, 2020
Rev. William B. Caldwell - October 3, 2020
William Barton - October 14, 2020
Delores V. Quigley - October 18, 2020
Charles Nonnenberg - November 27, 2020
Nancy Wilson - December 21, 2020
Bessie Larsen - January 29, 2021
Raymond Maddison - April 28, 2021
Carol Lee Cunius - May 24, 2021

Presented by the Spiritual Life Team of the Silver Lake Institute,
2021. Photos by Suzanne Bristow.

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