Friday, August 13, 2021

CxUnexpected but Understandable:
Asbury Retreat Center Announces Last 3 Take-Out Meals; Might Resume for Thanksgiving-Christmas Holidays

Wyoming County and well beyond has demonstrated its appreciation and support for the Asbury Retreat Center as one of its valuable neighbors in the County and in Western New York. All during the initial fears of the Covid-19 scare, Sue Russell and her able staff figured out a way to survive during the financial losses of the Pandemic. The formula was simple. While commercial eating out presented many obstacles, take-out became an option to overcome the losses created by the need to eliminate settings where people gathered--an essential for a retreat center.

This has been a story of neighbor saving neighbor in a dangeerous and stressful time. Asbury Retreat Center is a self-supporting ministry of the United Methodist Church of Upper NYS.

Nevertheless, they were subject to the economic laws of supply and demand which brings them to this point: (1) the slow return of groups utilizing the Asbury Retreat Center and (2) the sudden drop in demand for take-out, home-cooked meals. In other words, the community has helped Asbury to survive the height of the Covid-19 pandemic and preserve the jobs of those working there. So in that sense, "Mission Accomplished."

After a spectacular Chicken Barbecue this week, the last three meals for Take-out will be:
Wednesday 8/18 4-6 pm $12 -- Choice of Reuben or Gourmet Grilled Ham & Cheese, Pickle; choice of Minestrone or Chicken Noodle soup, chocolate chip cookie. Call ahead (585) 237-5262.
Wednesday 8/25 4-6 pm $12 -- Seared Stuffed Chicken with Cracker Crumb Stuffing, Twice Baked Potato, Mixed Veggies, Dinner Roll, Mixed Berry Cobbler. Call ahead (585) 237-5262.
Wednesday 9/1 4-6 pm $12 -- Turkey, Mashed Potatoes/Gravy, Stuffing, Squash, Fresh Baked Pie. Call ahead (585) 237-5262.
Source: The Rev. Sue Russel, Director;
Writer, The Rev. Greg Franklin

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