Wednesday, August 11, 2021

SLDN Report:
New Communications Committee Receives Blessing, Cooperation of Trustee Board; officially, a new era

Watching the growth and development of the new Communications Committee has been a dream come true--or at least a dream in positive progress. What we see happening in the past few months and particularly this summer, is the vision that Trustees Greg Franklin and Lisa Schiske first brought in their proposal to the board back in 2010. The proposal for a Silver Lake Institute website for which they would do the technical work was initially approved by the Board to communicate the work of the Trustees and their Committees on a timely basis to all members (cottage owners) of the Silver Lake Institute. 

The amazing cooperation taking place now in 2021 between the Trustees and the Communications Committee was a decade ahead of its time back then and the cooperation simply stalled. Some at that early point didn't believe that additional communication was needed beyond the annual Epworthian newsletter. Others had limited or no understanding about the workings of a web site and yet were being asked to make decisions about it. 

As more and more information was excluded from being used on the website, the publishers of the website decided to save the website from oblivion and began making more independent decisions. Using Monday morning quarterbacking, we probably should have left the official website and started a new, independent website, but we didn't want to jeopardize the original dream of an SLI website. The very thing we were trying to avoid all along--lack of communication--was taking place right under our noses!

That's why the current cooperation between the Communications Committee and the Trustees is so rewarding to watch.

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