Monday, August 2, 2021

August 2, 2021

Kindness continues as we begin

the month of August.

The morning of the first day of August might have been ‘a little’ wet to say the least. The end of the day brought much sunshine on to Bishop Burt Park Gazebo where the ‘Kindness Rocks Project’ continues to ‘rock on’. The pictures below were taken early this evening. Warms my heart to see the creativity of our Silver Lake Community. Anyone wishing to spread kindness, come paint a rock or if painting rocks isn’t your calling….perhaps you might feel it in your heart donate brown table wrapping, markers, 50cent bottles of paint, or even various plain washed off rocks (I have discovered ‘clean rocks hold the paint better) collected from around the lake .

Let ‘Kindness Continue To Rock’

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  1. Thank you Rev, Greg Franklin for all you do to promote ‘kindness rocks’ in the Silver Lake Institute,


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