Thursday, August 12, 2021

When is a rock more than just a rock?
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What Message is Being Conveyed, and to Whom?
Location: Outside Hoag Memorial Art Gallery


  1. I have to admit…I was shocked to see it, especially in front of Hoag Art Gallery. And then my higher self kicked in,….what better place to show one’s creativity!! Life is WAY to short , and this piece of ‘art’ brought a smile to my face, along with the reminder of a piece of candy way back in the day, a ‘nouget’ I believe it was called!!

    Kindness and Imagination literally ‘rocks at Silver Lake Institute’

  2. My old people's approach very often gets in the way of new life and vibrancy.

  3. Lovin’ What Is….isn’t always easy, yet life here on the earth plane wasn’t planned to be easy….I will be meeting my Union Rep. as soon as transition over ….🤣

    Thanks again Greg for all of your efforts keeping us enlightened….🦋


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