Friday, July 2, 2021

Keep Up to Date with Silver Lake Happenings:
SLI takes giant leap forward by adding 2021 material on its website, but does not include Board Minutes . . . as yet!

Many have been watching to see when the Institute's public programs would appear. This week, they were not only treated to the public programs, but also the SLI program and that long, long blank calendar! It was good to see it all in order on the SLI calendar.

The SLI Trustee Board, at its June meeting, finally dealt with the Institute's semi-naked website except for the Thanksgiving report and its colorful photos. That, however, was only to become a teaser for at least the next seven months. With all the Covid-19 restrictions, folks were looking for some hope even for just a proposed program which was not available either on the website nor in the Spring Epworthian.

Other people got active with Google Search and discovered the Silver Lake Daily Newsletter which carried the SLI proposed programming and the regular changes to the CDC and NYS Covid-19 regulations. On behalf of those who knew there was a new website but did not find anything on it, it was exceptionally good news as they approached the opening of the 2021 Season this weekend. Thanks to the new SLI Communications Committee and their newly developed commitment with good and sound Board support. The name of the game for all successful organizations is communication--let's all help to keep it up!

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