Saturday, July 17, 2021

SLI Residents Seek Elections Information:
Silver Lake Daily Newsletter Receives Two Record-Setting Number of Page Views in a Row

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From Tuesday to Wednesday, readers doubled the number of pages read (from 69 to 143) seeking to quench the thirst for information. This was followed by a drop on Thursday to 113 which was still high enough to set the second record since the Spring of 2018. 

The Spring of 2018 is when the Blogspot became the SLDNewsletter and expanded its coverage to all Lake communities including the west side. Readership numbers were higher during the year's of separation from the United Methodist Church ending February 2, 2016.

Much interest has been stirred up over the 2021 SLI Trustee elections most of which comes from the post-pandemic year in which we are now in. Last year it became necessary to cancel the regular annual cottage owners meeting which means a lot of business got cared for exclusively by meetings closed to the  Silver Lake Institute membership made up of cottage and property owners.

During the pandemic year, minutes of the meetings were not actively distributed or released to the media and did not appear on the SLI website. We must add, however, that SLDN questions were submitted to the Trustees and answers were always received. There was a growing anxiousness over unfinished business such as Epworth Hall and cancelled elections but some of that problem lay with NY State.

So as this year's annual meeting grew closer, it appeared there was both a willingness to seek more information and a willingness by the Trustees to provide information. Some of that information needed explanation because of the complicated circumstances of the pandemic year. Just this week, Trustee President Kevin Colburn eagerly responded to the SLDN's request for more elections information and it arrived in a very timely manner. We thank Kevin and all the Trustees for their gracious volunteer service.

The SLDNewsletter, according to its readers, believes it has served the SLI community well in publishing the information provided by our Trustees. The community should feel well prepared to deal with the issues before us at today's meeting later this morning (Saturday) at 10 am.

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