Thursday, July 8, 2021

The North Lake Cam, sponsored by SLI, is down 'a few days' while a volunteer changes internet provider

We would have gladly let you know that the cam would be down for a while had anyone told us about it. We only received notice when one of our readers asked if we knew why it was down. In this day of instant communication, so many of us have not gotten into the hang of it for letting others know what we know that would help a neighbor or a friend. Earlier this week we weren't notified of the plan of release for the memorial boat parade awards until more than one person began a string of inquiries. We were happy to help end the confusion, but it sure would have saved time and effort to have had the information ahead of time.

Back to the North Cam. We still aren't certain how long the service will be out, or what the old or new providers offered in terms of information, but we are grateful for the resident who was able to report a continued outage of "a few days" more. I know that I am bucking a long time trend of communication being a second thought, but I just can not keep myself from giving it the old college try so as to make everyone's life a little easier. Many thanks to the on-the-ball residents who are always so helpful to our communities by getting information out. My phone and email are always at the top of SLDNewsletter's page 1. [GAF]

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