Saturday, July 17, 2021

Meeting 10am to 1pm followed by Lunch:
The 2021 Annual Cottage Owners Meeting, Elections Now History

The official attendance count came out to 60 persons, all of whom displayed a cooperative spirit and some of whom made helpful suggestions. One of the most popular ideas was the expanding the options for children in Burt Park such as more playground equipment.

The SLI Handbook was approved following a discussion of rules helping to keep insurance costs under control and how the rules are there to bolster the authority of individual property owners seeking to correct or inform persons of a rule or rules which they witness being violated. Rather than spending the time amending the Handbook, it was suggested and approved that the Board take the responsibility and post any changes as soon as practicable.

It was motioned, seconded, and approved that Trustees appointed to serve a three year term last year upon the approval of the 2021 Meeting, received that approval today to be considered elected to the those terms and may finish them to their natural completion.

Those newly elected Trustees include the following 3 year terms: Jeanne Owens, Peggy (Wahler) Phillips, Kris Schultz, Bill Schaefer, and the remaining one year of Jim Riley's term: Colleen Christmann.

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