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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Letter to the Editor:
Long Time McMurtry Neighbor Calls for Support as SLI Trustee

"Greg, Over the years the McMurtry’s have been wonderful neighbors of mine at the Lake. When we arrive, there is always a friendly hello from Linda. She keeps my flowers watered on a daily basis. Her husband Bob has helped me out on many renovation projects at little or no charge. A number of years ago when Karen fell and broke her leg at a Stoody Saturday morning breakfast, Collin and Bob were the first to come to her aid. Linda was the only person from the Lake to visit her at the Warsaw hospital. Grandchildren are frequent visitors at their home and Linda is certainly a loving grandmother. I would hope we could be supportive [of Linda L. McMurtry as a new Trustee]. Bob [Cook, current chair of the Long-Range Planning Committee]"


  1. An article we published last night based on public records was removed today by request of the President of the SLI Trustees. Comments that followed that article and the above article have been removed by request of the authors of those comments. Since the subject matter of the article is public record and informally known to the SLI community, we have agreed to all requests for removal.

  2. There's a McMurtry family on Embury Ave. who "hosted" a bunch of police cars yesterday after loud profanity could be heard around the block. Is this the same McMurtry family whose parent and children appear on the police blotters for driving under the influence of drugs every once in a while?