Saturday, July 24, 2021

An Editorial:
Technology at Silver Lake continues to challenge and confound residents

This Spring NYSEG was responsible for a whopping power failure that lasted, for some, for nearly 8 hours! This happened after all that expansive and expensive remodeling of the station at Silver Lake Road and Route 20A. Customers learned later that the power failure was caused when an essential cooling element failed and they had to go searching for a replacement part.

Would one not think that such an essential part of the system would have a backup or spare that could be readily employed to take over for the failed part? If customers were to believe the customer service information line, it took NYSEG almost the full 8 hours "looking for the problem" and apparently too short of a repair time, to change the information line recording. In other words, the information line is rather useless or simply has a low rating of importance in the process. Has NYSEG learned anything from this catastrophy such as how to keep spare parts or other procedure handy to reduce outage time?

The North Lake Cam, run by volunteers in the Silver Lake Institute has been "out" or non-functioning for about 3 weeks. Originally we were anticipating a time period of 3 days to change from one provider to another. Because running the computer and its cam is volunteer work, the public has no right to expect efficient service nor regular updates. Because there are no updates, we are left to assume that the service may even have been discontinued.

The South Lake Cam, run by the Silver Lake Marine, provides current weather statistics and weather forecasting in addition to their camera to assist those boating and fishing to keep abreast of Lake and potential storm conditions around and over the Lake. Those making their purchases at the Silver Lake Marine are the ones entitled to explanations of outages. The rest of us are supposed to remain grateful that Silver Lake has its own weather station--especially when it has been working most of the time. What's a few days without it? Is this a discussion for the boating and fishing community to take up or do we have more right to the advertised service? Comments are welcome.

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