Thursday, July 15, 2021

Urgent Updates to Saturday's Nomination List

Add: Kris Schultz and Bill Schaefer
who are currently serving as Trustees but their terms are up.

Their Bio's can be read by clicking HERE


I am a retired middle school counselor and have owned our cottage with my wife Kathy for 19 years. Being on the SLI Board of Trustees for the last 12 years, I have a working knowledge of the institute. During my tenure on the board, I have been Vice President for 3 years and president for 4 years. During that time I was intimately involved with the formal separation from the Upper New York Conference of the [United] Methodist Church and assisted in establishing the institute as a stand-alone 501C3 (Not for profit corporation) This allowed us to continue to receive tax deductible donations and significant tax breaks on our institute realties. Besides that, I have served on the financial committee, Waterfront Committee, Grounds Committee, Stoody and Epworth Committees as well as the Executive Committee. 

For years Kathy and I have planted and tended to the flowers near the Blue Dock. Since 2013 I have been actively involved in implementing the Silver Lake Experience, a mini-Chautauqua.

Something I look forward to every year is the SLI Volunteer Recognition Dinner and Silent Hero Awards which Kathy and I established about 5 or 6 years ago. I believe it’s important to recognize all the efforts of the
SLI residents in making this the special place it is.

My family and I love being a part of SLI and I would be honored to continue to represent the residents by being a member of the Board of Trustees.



I was asked to join the SLI board in 2019. I’m currently the Vice President and also a  member of the Grounds Committee.

I currently hold licenses in NYS as a Professional Engineer and as a Professional Land Surveyor. I own Schultz Associates Engineers and Land Surveyors, P.C. and employ 12 full time associates at our Spencerport building.  I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from the University of Rochester and a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from SUNY Buffalo.  I’m president of the Spencerport Area Chamber of Commerce.

My wife, Glynne, and I have two daughters, one son-in-law, one grandson, and another grandson on the way.

After attending the 2015 Silver Lake Experience (SLE) we decided we wanted to be a part of this community. We bought our place in 2015 with my sister’s family and made major renovations to the 130-year-old house to ensure it lasts another

Our family enjoys every minute spent at SLI, and we appreciate and take advantage of the great programs, events, and classes held at SLI.

While on the BOD, I’ve donated professional services to SLI including completing a boundary and topographic survey and map of the Epworth parcel. I’ve also provided design plans for future drainage improvements at Epworth and provided a parking plan to maximize parking for Epworth events. I’ve generated mapping and schedules for annual roadway paving and drainage improvements on Institute Roadways.

I enjoy meeting with my Institute neighbors during our annual Cottage and lakefront inspections of the grounds committee.

As part of the Executive Board I have worked to update the SLI handbook and also generated the employee handbook for the SLI.

We greatly admire the SLE, which is why we continue to be major sponsors of this event. 

I regularly attend Trustee meetings and SLI events and intend to continue in the future.


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