Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Team Leadership Rejects Coordinated Facebook Page:
SLI Trustee's Re-Constituted Communications Team Gets to Work as Season Nears Opening

After seven months of no new entries on the "new" website of the Silver Lake Institute, the June Trustee meeting inspired some new additions to the

Among the new materials added to the website, included the 2021 Spring Cleanup at SLI, and the program schedule prepared for SLI residents. Unfortunately a portion of the residents' program schedule was omitted (Swimming dates for the first three weeks of July). Another unfortunate omission was the public program schedule containing information about the first worship service of the 2021 Season on July 4th at 10:30 am.

The Communications Team is also aware of a formatting problem which has two locations for news aimed at SLI residents, whereas there is no location for news aimed at the general public. This would explain why the public program schedule had no designated location in which to be published and therefore, did not appear.

Recently designated Team Leader Glynn Schultz is aware of these concerns and has had one meeting already regarding the structure of the Team and structure of the website itself.

At the present, time is being taken establishing authorizations for Team members to be able to enter their designated sections of the website to add new materials, and eliminate dated materials as quickly as possible to keep it fresh and accurately updated.

Readers of the SilverLakeDailyNewsletter (.com) have been contacting their editor, encouraging him not to make changes in the Newsletter at this time. One of their concerns is that the SLI website would be able to replace the Newsletter. This seems quite unlikely because both missions and goals are so different. That includes the timely publishing of material and the verification processes--the website requiring more time for both.

Glynn Schultz is no stranger to IT work and its idiosyncrasies. Her background and experience tell her that a coordinated Facebook Page for the Institute would be near impossible to do and have it coordinate with the official website. The platform of Facebook is so much more of a free-for-all and does not lend itself well to the type of controlled information and approval that the SLI Trustee Board requires.

Readers of the Newsletter are encouraged to make their wishes known with regards to the Newsletter--particularly what you enjoy the most and what you enjoy the least. We have lost readers to death and moving away and need other ways of evaluating the Newsletter besides readership numbers. Please indicate whether you live on the East Side (SLI, Perry Village, Asbury) or West Side (The Club, Restaurant, Golf Course, Glamping). Use the Newsletter's Comment section or the editor's personal email:

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