Wednesday, June 30, 2021

'Getting to Know Our Institute':
Need a Flare for Sat. Night? Want an SLA membership & directory? This Sat. 10:30am at Park Gazebo

SLI Co-Historian Sharon Pratt has prepared a presentation and invited other SLI guests to address their SLI work. One of the guests is Treasurer and Grounds Chair Jill Knitter who also serves as the SLI Tract representative to the Silver Lake Assoiation. She will be selling flares, membership cards, and SLA Lake Pictorial Directories. Be sure to bring your own chair. The Saturday morning event runs from 10:30 am to Noon. From Noon to 2:00 is the Asbury Chicken Barbecue. That evening is the Ring of Fire around the Lake followed by the Fireworks Show from The Club's Pier to over the Lake.


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