Sunday, June 13, 2021

Enliven Your Spiritual Life:
Lakeshore Worship, originated by Jesus, is practiced at Silver Lake

Worshiping at the Lakeshore was so appreciated last year that the Spiritual Life Committee began getting requests to start it early this year in the month of June. Recently retired pastor, Tom Kraft volunteered to lead it, so it began last week, June 6th, with 14 happy worshipers. This week two were under the weather, so this morning's June 13th attendance was 12. Next week, the third week, June 20th, we already have 15 who want to plan on being there and inviting others. And of course we expect our best attendance for the month on June 27th.

On Sunday, July 4th, the Spiritual Life Team will begin bringing us a variety of worship leaders and speakers for July and August at the Lakeshore at 10:30 am. Julie will be back on the keyboard for the Sundays of July and August. August 1 will be our Special Celebration of Lives Lived Service (Memorial) where we recognize the lives lived by those Lakers who have passed on to eternal life. A gift of an LED candle and a flower will be presented to the family member who comes forward to receive it. This service will also be at the Lakeshore with Epworth Hall as our inclement weather location. Bring your comfortable lawn chair or blanket for ground seating each week of the summer including the Celebration of Lives Lived Service on Aug. 1st.

For Directions and Parking Instructions, click on "read more."
The weekly location of the Lakeshore Service is in the area of the Big Blue Dock and Heritage (Brick) Walkway which can be reached from the north by taking Walker or Camp Rd. to Perry Ave. turning right at the Wesley Ave. stop sign. From the south, take Chapman and turn right on Perry Ave. and left at the stop sign at Wesley Ave. or any of the side streets heading toward the Lake: However, because of mostly one lane roads, we urge those who are able to walk to park their cars around the edges of Burt Park (on Perry Ave.) and walk the block down to Lakeview; very limited handicapped parking (opposite Hoag) will be available for the large August 1 Service. All services will be held in the area of the Big Blue Dock and Heritage Walkway at the foot of Wesley Ave. where Wesley ends at Lakeview Avenue, opposite Hoag Art Gallery.

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