Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Handicap Accessible at Hoag:
First Look at the New Accessible Bathroom on Hoag's First Floor
The Hoag Memorial Art Gallery has taken a step "up in the world" as it now qualifies as a handicapped accessible building and beats Stoody Hall "to the punch." The fact the new bathroom had enough room to be built internally within the building enabled it to be built much quicker and less expensively than an add-on to the outside. The bathroom not only accomodates regular functions within the building but will serve as a nearby accessible bathroom for Dock functions.
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  1. Thanks for posting the obit. I truly appreciate your blog and the information to be found there; it is basically the only way I am able to keep current on events on the Institute.

    I participate in 4 communities that are run by a Board of Trustees and communicate with their residents. One is a neighborhood of over 700 homes. I receive a monthly newsletter, regular email communications which include event reminders, Board Meeting agendas and Board meeting minutes; we were also able to vote and elect new board members despite Covid. The second community I have witnessed serves 200 residents. They had a zoom meeting last year to elect new members, discuss resident concerns and update residents about changes in the community; they also publish a quarterly newsletter. My third community is a time-share community in Florida where I get monthly updates on the facility, Board agendas, Board Minutes, and we voted on new Board Members in 2020. And then there is the Institute, which I love, but is frustrating with it’s lack of electronic communication, lack of a newsletter, use of only snail mail, and has a webpage that is an embarrassment. I know that part of this is because we are a mostly volunteer community, but...

    I wish you continued success with your blog and the information you provide.

    Suzanne Bristow


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