Thursday, June 10, 2021

Found During Routine Maintenance:
Relatively New Dam Gate has developed gallon-per-minute leak

Village of Perry's Village Administrator, Samantha Pierce, issued the following announcement yesterday, June 9, at 2:19 pm and it has been widely circulated in the ensuing 23 hours:

"The Village wanted to pass along a situation that has occurred with the dam gate. While performing routine maintenance at the dam site, it was noticed that the gate with the orifice for regulating streamflow (Gate #1), had developed a small leak along one of the edges. A section of the cord seal has come dislodged from its proper location and a stream of water is leaking through the gate in this location. Right now, the leak is about one gallon per minute. Marlos has not opened that gate since noticing the leak in case it becomes worse. I did speak to Marlos regarding the minimum 1 cubic feet and we are at five times that, so there is no issue on that end.

"Jeff Boorsma, from MRB Group, was notified and inspected the gates and has been communicating with the manufacturer and the installer to see what can be done to correct the issue (and hopefully under warranty). I am still waiting to hear on our options and will keep you informed when we know more. Thank you."

Editor's Note: The gates control the flow of water from the Lake through the outlet and ultimately determines the height of the Lake waters.

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