Sunday, June 20, 2021


Changes on the Horizon for the
Silver Lake Daily Newsletter

UPDATE -- The following plans are on hold until a more thorough study of Lake community needs is completed.

This website will become a Reference website. The right-hand column will most likely remain the same because it contains semi-permanent historical material and many links that deliver the reader to the expanding locations.

The main section (this left column) which now publishes news, will also change over to reference material that is relevant to the current Season and current year such as Program Schedules Open to the Public, Golf Tournaments, Concert Schedules, Spring Cleanups, New Policies and Rules, Annual Meetings, Christmas and Thanksgiving events, so they are readily available for reference without doing extensive searches through many pages of news. As a reference website, you won't have to check it daily or even weekly since it will serve more like a bulletin board with on-going announcements and references.

Announcements of current Silver Lake news, weather, severe weather warnings, organizational news, dinner notices, items that are relevant for approximately 1-4 days will be brought to you through our new Email Format. This will eliminate the need for a separate SLI-Resident Page. Those living in the Silver Lake Institute will receive the new Silver Lake Email Newsletter covering both SLI-Resident news, and general Silver Lake-wide news. There will be far less WNY and Wyoming County news unless it is specifically tied to Silver Lake life or residents which includes students in the Perry School system. None of this is in concrete and we are open to suggestions and adjustments.

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