Saturday, June 19, 2021

Asbury--Choice of BBQ--Chicken or Ribs:
Fathers' Day Brings Competing Barbecues but only One with Ribs
and Still Taking Orders -- Asbury!

It seems like nearly all Wyoming County communities are having chicken barbecues tomorrow (Sunday) for Fathers' Day. Asbury Retreat Center stocked up so they continue to take orders today and Sunday. That includes orders for both chicken barbecue and Barbecued Ribs. The options continue to be Drive Through Take-Out or Eat-In and choose from coffee, tea, milk, and juices.

Although the next closest one to Silver Lake is probably the Masonic 404 in Perry, there's is a pre-sale ticket with a Friday deadline. That doesn't mean there won't be some left at 2:00, but the chances appear greater for picking up a last minute barbecue at Asbury--ribs or chicken.

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