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Teen Drowns at Indian Falls Thursday 3:45pm, Body is Recovered by Divers

Rescuers have recovered the body of a teen who drowned Thursday afternoon at Indian Falls sometime after 3 pm. Dive teams made the recovery about 5:55 p.m. after less than an hour. No identification was made since the family was not yet notified.

The scene was initially reported as chaotic, with teens crying and yelling for their friend. It later became quiet as onlookers were generally cleared from the scene, and those remaining observed efforts by the dive teams.

Initial and unconfirmed reports from the scene say a teenage boy jumped into the water, landed on his belly, and emerged briefly before going under again. The Indian Falls location is notorious for the accidents and near-drownings that have occurred there over the years. Although located next to the Indian Falls Log Cabin Restaurant, the falls are state land.

Units at the scene included Genesee County Emergency Management Services and sheriff’s deputies, Pembroke, Alden and Batavia firefighters, Mercy EMS and Rescue 7.
Courtesy of the Daily News

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