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Thursday, June 3, 2021

CDC / NYS Relax Covid Restrictions but Masks
Required for Unvaccinated or Partially Vaccinated:
This Saturday, SLI Opens its June 5th Trustee Meeting to SLI Residents in
Epworth Hall Starting at 10:00 am

The first committee meeting of the 2021 Season was held as the month of May was drawing to a close. What a joy and what a freedom it was to have everyone present boldly proclaim their immune status to Covid-19. What a sense of new found freedom to join together in exchange of ideas and discussion while seeing every one's beautiful face unhindered by any covering. What a sense of confidence that we each had done all that could to eliminate the fear of the pandemic in our individual lives and in the lives of our friends at Silver Lake.

The only sadness remaining is for those we see throughout the nation proclaiming their resistance to vaccinations, or in many cases, their downright refusals to be vaccinated for any reason--not for their own health, not for the health of their loved ones and friends, not for the health of the nation nor for the health of their own community. I pray we will have a summer assembly devoid of irresponsible reluctance to remain disease free. That would truly be the icing on the Silver Lake 2021 "cake"!

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