Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Will Study Community Needs First:
Silver Lake Daily Newsletter Puts Announced Transition on Hold

Feedback about the Newsletter, both negative and positive, would be helpful as we go about examining the needs of individual communities around the Lake, Silver Lake as a whole, and the Newsletter's role or no role. Feedback may be communicated either through the Comment Section of the Newsletter or through my email: greg.franklin.perry.ny@gmail.com.


  1. I personally enjoy the updates and depend on it for information. I also feel that they have not communicated 2921 concerts and events well and attendance will suffer. This is not fault of program committees. Would sorely miss if daily newsletter stopped.

  2. I for one do not want you to change the frequency or content of your newsletter. I have been very diappointed by the failure of the Institute to use modern means of communication to convey information important to residents. It is a lot of work to set up and keep current even just a website. We appreciate your efforts to do this for us. Perhaps having your publication available has lessened the sense of urgency for the Institute to establish its own. Unless and until there is a vehicle comparable to your daily newsletter, please don't stop publishing.


  3. I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with Nancy. I appreciate your time and dedication to the Silver Lake Institute...

    Lisa Schiske


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