Monday, June 21, 2021

Overnight Power Failure Ended for most at 10 am Monday

UPDATE -- Ryan Marie Barbeau reports the cause of the power failure as being the "cooling fan failed at the substation in Perry." At the time of his report he said, "They're on their way to fix it!" 

UPDATE -- Video News Service reports that "close to" 8000 NYSEG customers were without power in Wyoming County.

UPDATE -- By 11:06 am, the number of NYSEG customers in Wyoming County without power was down to 4. 

Over 1700 persons experienced electric lights and power begin to flicker on and off beginning at 2:23 am Monday morning. After the fifth flicker, the power and cable went out completely and remained out until later Monday morning. Experiences differed slightly from cottage to cottage.

NYSEG was reporting that power should be restored by 6 am, but it was not to be. The early cause was noted as "being investigated." Moments before 10 am, NYSEG reported that power restoration was being estimated for 11:30 am and the cause was now reported as "being investigated." 

Less than one minute after this final power report, the power returned and remained on. The Newsletter is now doing its own investigation of various agencies in an attempt to find a reason for some persons lives to have been jeopardized by way of this power failure. 

Battery backups for health equipment ran out of their own power in about 90 minutes from the time of the initial power failure and many do not even have battery backup.

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