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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Thursday Morning Meeting:
SLI Program finetuned adding Sunday Services during June with Tom Kraft, 'About SLI' July 3 with Sharon Pratt

Last year's pre-vaccine summer season, in affect, put everything on the back burner and in limbo. This year the Covid-19 statistics are much lower and continuing to decline as more and more people step out to get their life-saving vaccines. 

CDC and NYS have both lifted mask requirements for outdoors and indoors for those fully vaccinated, although continuing to emphasize the need for masks for all unvaccinated persons. The Program Team reaffirms its desire to have SLI concerts, services, events, and coffee houses outdoors when skies are clear and/or  rain-free.

In case of inclement weather, concerts will relocate to Epworth Hall, smaller events such as talks, book reviews, and coffee houses will move indoors to Stoody Hall (or Hoag), which ever is available). In the case of concerts, the decision of location will be made by 4 pm on the day of the concert. Sunday Service rain location is Hoag.

The SLI Season will open on July 3rd for both children and adults. The adults have a special presentation dubbed "Getting to Know Our Institute" which will meet at Burt Park Gazebo at 10:30 am. It is being organized by Sharon Pratt but will involve others with respon-sibilities in the Institute. After a year off from all events and public Trustee meetings, it is hoped this will be very informative and helpful, especially for new and/or newer residents.

The Program Team received a significant number of requests last Fall for Sunday Services to begin before July. When a volunteer Service Leader came forward, it was decided to give the "ok" to this additional service. Retired pastor Tom Kraft will serve as the service leader at the Blue Dock or in case of inclement weather, at Hoag at 10:30 a.m. Sundays including the July 4th weekend.

The latest revision of the schedule follows:

SLI Public Programs for 2021:
03 – Bike Parade and PiƱata for Children at Dock (Cindy Adams)
03 – *Getting to Know Our Institute – Burt Park Gazebo –
10:30 am (Sharon Pratt)
04 – Opening Service on Blue Dock and Greenway – 10:30 am**
09 – *Old Hippies Blue Dock and Greenway 7:30 pm 

11 – Sunday Service on Blue Dock and Greenway 10:30 am**
17 – *Coffee House with Mojo Chunk – Stoody lawn 7:30 pm
18 – Lake-Wide Celebration of Lives Lived – Memorial Service –
..  ....
Blue Dock and Greenway – 10:30 am - Bring a blanket or
.. ....l
lawn chairs for your seating.**
23 – *Full Swing Big Band – Blue Dock and Greenway 10:30 pm
..*Painting with Words – Kathryn Hartman poet –
Burt Park Gazebo – 10:30 am-Noon 
25 – Christmas in July Service: Blue Dock/Greenway 10:30 am**
29-31 – Shake-on-the-Lake at Perry Public Beach (Walker Rd.)

01 – Sunday Service on Blue Dock and Greenway – 10:30 am**
`Silver Lake Experience (postponed to 2022)
08 – Sunday Service on Blue Dock and Greenway – 10:30 am**
13 – *Trilogy – Blue Dock and Greenway – 7:30 pm
15 – Sunday Service on Blue Dock and Greenway – 10:30 am**
21 – *Coffee House with Super Moon – Stoody lawn – 7:30 pm
22 – Sunday Service on Blue Dock and Greenway – 10:30 am**
27 – *Grizzwoode on Blue Dock and Greenway – 7:30 pm

03 – *End of Season Concert – TBA Epworth Hall 7:30 pm
06 – Closing Service on the Dock and Greenway – 10:30 am**
..  ....
Adult Wheels Parade – 2:00 pm at Dock location.

Inclement Weather: Concerts - Epworth Hall; Coffee House - Stoody
Sunday Services - Hoag Gallery First Floor.

* Asterisks indicate programs that are sponsored in part by
the Grant from the Wyoming County Arts Council.
** Double asterisks indicate a function of Program Team, 
Julie Hoffner, Chair.

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