Monday, May 24, 2021

Overcoming Covid-19:
Silver Lake Institute has full schedule of concerts and programs set mostly outside for the 2021 transitional year

Even though the SLI official web site lists nothing for the 2021 Season with less than six weeks to opening (as of 11 pm 5/24/21), the SLI Program Chairperson, Julie Hoffner assures the SLDN newsletter that the following schedule is planned and ready to execute beginning with the July 3rd "Ring of Fire" flares sponsored by the Silver Lake Association and the fireworks on the Lake, sponsored by community donors. Plan now for a fun summer at SLI, the Club, Perry Beach, Pioneer Picnic and Museum, boating, fishing, swimming, camping, glamping, and so much more--all around Silver Lake!

1. The SLI Program Committee has established a very basic plan for all the programs being offered in 2021. This plan has been accepted as a committee report by the SLI Board of Trustees. The plan is that all programs for the 2021 Season will be held outdoors. (Any other details including in the event of rain will be announced, as CDC and NYS rules are updated and as the SLI Board of Trustees interprets those updates as policy for the SLI grounds.)

2. For those who are fully inoculated masks are no longer the standard expectation by the CDC or NYS rules for either outdoor or indoor activities. Masks may be worn by anyone who wishes an extra measure of protection. 

3. For those not inoculated or in the process of inoculation, or having a compromised immune status masks are the standard expectation according to both CDC recommendation and NYS rules.

SLI Public Programs for 2021:
03 – Bike Parade and PiƱata for Children at Dock
04 – Opening Service on Blue Dock and Greenway – 10:30 am
09 – *Old Hippies Blue Dock and Greenway 7:30 pm
..*Getting to Know Our Institute – 
........Burt Park Gazebo – 10:30 am
11 – Sunday Service on Blue Dock and Greenway 10:30 am
17 – *Coffee House with Mojo Chunk – Stoody lawn 7:30 pm
18 – Lake-Wide Celebration of Lives Lived – Memorial Service – 
........Blue Dock and Greenway – 10:30 am - Bring a blanket or 
........lawn chairs for your seating.
23 – *Full Swing Big Band – Blue Dock and Greenway 10:30 pm
..*Painting with Words – Kathryn Hartman poet – 
........Burt Park Gazebo – 10:30 am-Noon
25 – Christmas in July Service: Blue Dock/Greenway 10:30am
29-31 – Shake-on-the-Lake at Perry Public Beach (Walker Rd.)

01 – 
Sunday Service on Blue Dock and Greenway – 10:30 am
5-7–`Silver Lake Experience (postponed to 2022)
08 – Sunday Service on Blue Dock and Greenway – 10:30 am
13 – *Trilogy – Blue Dock and Greenway – 7:30 pm
15 – Sunday Service on Blue Dock and Greenway – 10:30 am
21 – *Coffee House with Super Moon – Stoody lawn – 7:30 pm
22 – Sunday Service on Blue Dock and Greenway – 10:30 am
27 – *Grizzwoode on Blue Dock and Greenway – 7:30 pm

03 – *End of Season Concert – TBA Epworth Hall 7:30 pm
06 – Closing Service on the Dock and Greenway – 10:30 am
Adult Wheels Parade – 2:00 pm at Dock location.

Asterisks indicate programs that are sponsored in part by the Grant from the Wyoming County Arts Council.

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