Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Biden: Cases Down in All 50 States:
To Mask or Not to Mask--That is the Question; the Answer: your Comfort Level based on science and character

Thanks be to God, that firstly, we have the option of a safe and effective vaccine. Secondly, we have the ability to reason and to formulate logical patterns of behavior. Thirdly, we must always be aware of those around us who seemingly lack analytical skills and/or who hold deficiencies in character. "Bearing false witness" on a regular basis is a clear character flaw.

The last four years gave us much practice in deciphering truth from falsehood. 
  • Remember hydroxychloroquine--the small pox drug that Donald Trump took to avoid getting Covid-19 but wound up getting it anyway approximately 100 days after he began the treatment? 
  • We were treated to the theory of the disappearing virus which would magically take place even if we did nothing to avoid getting it.
  • Then there were the equally inaccurate and dangerous information about extremely powerful lights being inserted into the body to eliminate Covid-19. 
  • Another insertion theory posed by Donald Trump was the potential infusion of bleach into the body and/or lungs because disinfectant can kill the virus! 
This is why I say that in the end, when all is said and done, each individual's level of comfort will dictate whether or not one masks up and what events, circumstances, and occasions go into one's "level of comfort" decision. There are very few guarantees in life but when it comes to an "invisible enemy" such as Covid-19, I prefer to know as much as I am able about pandemic spreads.


  1. 1) Did the bright lights help with the Vovid-19? 2) Wondering what is personal opinion and what has been copied from news sources. 3) How about an update on Super Mario and his harassment problems and the nursing home scandal?

    1. (1)Although past president Trump recommended "a powerful light," he did not have it tried on him. (2) The four bullet points in paragraph 2 are taken from past president Trump's live new conferences. (3) Since I do not keep up with Super Mario and his alleged harassment problems, perhaps you could enlighten us.... (4) Most of this closing paragraph is a summary of the explanation given by the CDC as they further interpreted their latest de-masking decision. The closing phrase is mine and serves as my personal but qualified affirmation of the CDC decision. Thanks for participating in the Blog experience!


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