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Saturday, May 22, 2021

Saturday, 22 May 2021:
News Briefs

74.6° at 4:50 pm with cloud cover. 50% chance of rain overnight.
78.5° at 3:00 pm with sun breaking through clouds.
79.2° at 2:00 pm with cloud cover and 50% chance of rain.
77.5° at 1:00 pm with sunshine; only 50% chance of rain. 
(S/L Marine Weather station)

----- Darien Lake is open for 2021, masks are not required for vaccinated people. (Bflo. News)

----- Protesters gathered in Rochester on Feb. 23 after a grand jury declined to indict police officers in the death of Daniel Prude. (Bflo. News)

----- In 2019, Ronald Green of Louisiana ran a red light and then led a high speed chase from police. The police caught up to him, verbally and physically abused and beat him until he was dead. Their official report hid the true facts. The event is on the officer's body cam except for the second half of the volume which the officer switched off. Good officers are speaking up and proclaiming their embarrassment at these officers' unlawful conduct toward Mr. Green, and the police supervisor's inadequate response. This all came to light two days ago. (Spectrum News)
As NY relaxes its Covid mandate, toddlers in day care now have to mask up in NYS because the vaccine is not yet available to them. (Bat Daily News)
WNY man facing charges connected to U.S. Capitol riot loses detention challenge. The judge said Thomas Sibick has repeatedly lied to investigators about his involvement, so there's doubt that he would comply with any conditions of his release. (WGRZ 2 Bflo)

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