Sunday, May 30, 2021

60.1° at 5:29 pm Sunday, mostly cloudy; tonight's low: 41°.
61.4° at 4:40 pm Sunday, partly cloudy.
Lawn mowers, bush clippers, rakes and brooms are the familiar sounds of the day as folks prepare for tomorrow

What a delightful joy it has been during the week and particularly now on the weekend to hear the sounds of Lakers sprucing up their properties and pausing every so often to greet other neighbors that have been appearing after a long winter of anticipation.

Barbara Bruce Beman had just arrived at their cottage with husband Larry and had to be taken to Highland Hospital. She was lucky to get the tests that she needed today instead of having to wait until Tuesday which was the original schedule. She is doing very well and will be back at the cottage very soon. Paul Penner continues to do well in his healing process after receiving a shoulder repair. Shuknecht's new neighbors just received word that the military is transferring them to Europe for a while and we hope they are able to return to their lakeview cottage soon.

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