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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Saturday's Official Meetings:
SLI Trustee Closed Meeting April 10 at 10 am; SLA's April Meeting Cancelled

Many around Silver Lake felt somewhat helpless last year as the Covid-19 continued to accelerate and the vaccines seemed slow in coming. Our programmatic and even recreational seasons were dramatically truncated and our spirits were burdened by many cautious concerns.

This year, many of us have been vaccinated against Covid-19 and those who aren't are expected to have the opportunity before summer. My 20-year-old grand-nephew received his one dose J&J this week ... now that's progress from last year at this time. Both the leadership of the Silver Lake Institute and the Silver Lake Association are beginning this Spring with a high level of caution. The SLA has cancelled their first regularly scheduled meeting of the season, while the SLI is holding a "closed" meeting in order to determine where things are at, and where they should go from here.

Many of us are now fully vaccinated and eager to exercise the new sense of at least a "limited normal." We all are eager to make our own decisions, but realize our leaders must be aware of State regulations. We hope we will know sooner this year than we did last year (June).

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