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Thursday, April 1, 2021

Oldest House In Upstate New York 
is Almost 400 Years Old
This is not only the oldest house in Upstate New York, but it also has a connection to Henry Hudson and his ship the Half Moon. This stone and wood dutch colonial was originally built between 1644 and 1654 and sits on the site where famed explorer Henry Hudson landed at the mouth of the Stockport Creek in Columbiaville, New York. The house belonged to the area's first European resident, Abraham Staats. Staats immigrated to Albany, although it was known as Beverwijck at the time, and eventually settled in the Hudson Valley and made a living as a fur trader. The original two-room house burned down around 1664 and was rebuilt. That rebuilt house still stands there today although it's been added onto and renovated over the years. (hot991.com)

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