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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Commitment to the Future of SLI:
Essential centrality of Epworth Hall emphasized by SLI Trustees; Capital Funds Project Initiated for 2021-2023

Epworth Hall was designed by the Rochester firm of Jay Fay & O. W. Dryer and constructed in 1892. It was listed in the New York State Register & National Register of Historic Places in 2000. One can only imagine how many people have passed through its doors and participated in the many activities held over the years. As the Silver Lake Institute is a unique place, so too is Epworth Hall. We as property owners in the Institute are obligated to maintain our historic buildings for present and future generations.

Bero Architecture PLLC of Rochester NY was hired by the SLI trustees to do a comprehensive evaluation of Epworth and the study was done during the summer of 2019. The report identifies areas of concern and proposes remedies (where appropriate) or further study required. The report is very detailed and comprehensive in content.

Report highlights include the following:

The exterior of the structure is in poor to fair condition, with the most noticeable deficiencies in the failed roofing materials, poor storm water management, movement of the foundation & framing systems, deteriorating window sash, and exterior stairs that are unsafe to use.

The interior of the structure is in fair to good condition, with the most noticeable deficiencies in the finishes and framing due to poor storm water management, movement of the foundation & framing systems, and asbestos flooring starting to delaminate from the sub-floor.

The Silver Lake trustees have been actively reviewing this report at their monthly meetings and are prioritizing the needed renovations. For example, storm water management is second on the list following the roof shingle replacement. The Bero firm has indicted that the complete list of renovation could approach one million dollars. Obviously this will take many years to complete and will always be an ongoing project. The question arises on how do we pay for this. The answer to that is from grants and donations. A third aspect of this is through the donation of our time and talents. The SLI could not exist without this being present in our community. The trustees have identified certain projects at Epworth that can be addressed by donated time and labor. These will be posted and a great way to get to know individuals you may not be familiar with.

It's getting to be a few years ago but Roger Covell initiated a renovation project at Epworth which has helped to preserve it at the point we are at today. He was responsible for fund raising, many windows were restored and other issues addressed. Today for fear of missing contributing people, we will not mention names in this report. Thanks to all who have already worked so hard on Epworth restoration. A one hundred thousand dollar grant has been approved by NY state for the roof replacement. A 20k grant was secured from the Community Foundation of Greater Buffalo for electrical upgrades and is in the process of being completed. At the July 2020 trustees meeting, a capital campaign for Epworth was discussed and approved. The campaign will be over a 3 year period starting in the year 2021 and continuing through the year 2023. The suggested annual pledges are as follows:

Platinum  '     $500
Gold              $250
Silver         '   $150
Bronze           $  50
Other         ______

The survival of Epworth Hall is dependent on your donations. Please discuss your pledge with family members and know this is so important for our Silver Lake community. All pledges will be held confidential and remember no amount is too small. Our non for profit status makes all donations tax deductible. Please come to the cottage owners meeting in July 2021. All questions about this project will be addressed and answered. We are planning entertainment and refreshments after the meeting.

Your pledge card and donations should be forwarded to:

Silver Lake Institute
c/o Robert W. Schmidt, Jr., CPA
PO Box 1
Perry, NY 14530

Please note payments can be made in any manor which is comfortable for you. They can be made monthly, yearly or any other time frame. Payments should go to the above address with your check made out to the SLI Epworth fund.

The Board of Trustees met in April of this year and decided to proceed with an in person Cottage Owners meeting. It will be held at Epworth Hall on Saturday, July 17 2021 at 10 AM. We will be following NYS guidelines in regards to Covid 19 recommendations for in person gatherings. We will be practicing social distancing and assume masks will still be required. One family member is suggested for attendance although not required. We look forward to seeing you.


The SLI Board of Trustees
Submitted by Trustees via R.A. Cook, Trustee

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